Unprecedented digital platform is revolutionizing
What if accessing justice could be as simple as calling a taxi? We’ve created a solution that makes life easier: our tools transform the litigation process into one that is convenient for all litigants. With this innovation, everyone can protect their rights quickly, easily, and affordably.
Powered and built with the Case.one platform
online hearings

In only 2 weeks during the pandemic, 10% of hearings in Russian courts were handled online

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve made a breakthrough in digitizing Russian justice. Thanks to our video call system, court hearings can now take place online and remotely, and all case parties can review case materials or listen to audio of their court hearings.


A unified ecosystem to deliver eJustice to any country

The platform brings all stakeholders together: plaintiffs, defendants, judges, and lawyers. Court.one has the highest level of digital security, scalability, speed, and can be integrated with virtually any platform.
of all legal cases
are available online
We built the biggest e-justice system in the biggest country in the world — Russia. Our system successfully serves 140 million users from 9 time zones. All Russian citizens can now easily access information on over 40 million cases. These cases are processed every day by a team of 100,000 judges and clerks, ensuring the system remains up-to-date.

100% of documents

can be filed electronically

12 mln users per year

use our platform to access judicial information

500 documents

are downloaded every second

We empower you to create your own e-justice platform

Digitize your justice system with the help of convenient modules. Make the justice system more efficient and accessible for every citizen and business.

Online Procedural Events

Get legal documents and updates on cases, hearings,  and participants.

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Court Schedules

Track the schedule of hearings on cases you’re interested in. This schedule can be synced with Outlook, iCal, or Google Calendar.

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File court documents electronically using personalized user accounts. Receive instant
notifications of updates.

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Legal Research Engine

A user-friendly interface that allows users to quickly find cases and search by 30+ parameters and logical operators.

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Virtual Hearings

The built-in video call system allows judges and parties to handle hearings online.

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Case Management

Court officials and lawyers can manage all of their cases and workflows from a single window.

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Workflow Automation

Custom scripts allow you to automate typical procedures like task assignment, deadline monitoring, emails, and notifications.

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Real-Time Reporting

A builder for fast legal reporting on any metrics, beautifully visualized.

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Judge Profile

A personal card that shows you information on the judge assigned to your case: his or her biography, cases, and decision statistics.

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