Submit court documents online
Forget about endless waiting in line at the court building. From now on, statements of claim, complaints, and any other documents can be submitted electronically from the comfort of your home. Save time and paper thanks to our convenient eFiling platform.
of all lawsuits and claims in Russia
are submitted online
In 2012, we launched a document eFiling system in Russia. In just 8 years, the national eFiling submission rate grew from 10% to 70%. Today, all court documents can be filed electronically, enabling Russian lawyers to save their time, reduce post and transit costs, and file documents to court anytime. EFiling also eliminates the risk of losing documents while they’re headed to the judge.

Set up easy electronic document flow between the courts and all parties

Our robotic portal helps each party to a suit create documents that meet all court requirements. Once uploaded, all filed documents are registered in the electronic court system and submitted for review immediately. Applicants can monitor the process of document review from their personal accounts and receive instant notifications.

Document preparation made simple

Turn documents into smart templates

Even complicated standard documents become a breeze to prepare with our customizable templates. Thanks to access rights differentiation, these templates are protected from unapproved corrections.

Prepare new documents in a few clicks

Smart templates will rescue you from filling in the same fields and eliminate mistakes that result from manual document preparation. Once you create custom templates, document preparation will be as easy as filling out a typical questionnaire.

Submit documents from the case card

Our case management system integrates with electronic court systems, allowing you to submit a document to court without leaving the case card.
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