Get to know your assigned judge
We believe that all lawyers should have ready access to judge profiles, so we created a unique system that retrieves data on judges and their cases in seconds, in a format that is easy to review. Now, you can prepare for court hearings even more efficiently.

Easily access and interpret past rulings and experiences

Do you need to find information on a particular judge? You can access any data on a judge assigned to your case, including their education, legal experience, and contact information. You can also look over a schedule of upcoming hearings and add ones you’d like to attend to your calendar. The judge card can be saved to your computer for offline access.


Learn what’s competing for your judge’s time

Use filters to find the cases currently assigned to your judge. You can sort the case list by date, dispute category, claim amount, appealability, and many other filters. The case list can then be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

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Let history help you prepare for your days in court

See what your judge has ruled in similar cases. Our built-in reports show how many claims were upheld, rejected, or canceled by each judge. These stats will help you to develop a winning legal strategy tailored to your particular judge.

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