A transparent system to monitor litigation
Lawyers will never miss a case update. Court decisions, documents, scheduled hearings — information on procedural events and documents is available to parties as soon as it's published. Our tool provides information to disputants, organizes documents for judges, and finds relevant case law for lawyers.

Stay informed of all proceedings in real-time

Our system will inform you about all procedural events on your cases — when a court ruling is issued, a hearing is scheduled, or a case party files a motion or complaint. Court databases can be synced with the system as they’re published — you won't have to analyze dozens of websites.

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Updates on thousands of cases in one place

You won’t miss any motion, document, or hearing that pertains to the cases you’re following. Create your own case collections and set unique tracking options for all of them.


Tracking cases just got easier. Build collections of the cases you’re monitoring. Our system will inform you about any new events in the live feed and by email as they happen.

Notification options

Get every update or only the ones relevant to you — flexible filters will help you customize your notification preferences.


Your case document registries can go digital

Judges can organize and upload procedural documents right in the case cards. Stop searching through endless piles of papers — a document you need can be found in the blink of an eye. The system can be synced with court case databases — when a judge issues a new document it will become available to parties in one click.

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Precisely search for any relevant case law

Search by area of law, dispute category, text, and 30+ other parameters. Key document information is clearly displayed so you won’t need to read a massive document in its entirety to analyze a court decision.

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