Legal reports of all shapes and sizes
Sometimes lawyers and judges have to spend weeks building reports. Aren’t you tired of it? Don’t you have more important things to work on? With our system, you can build a stunning custom report in minutes.

We’ll help you build any report you need

The days of scrambling to combine documents and tables are gone. Build ready-made reports or customize your own in a few minutes. Any report can be downloaded in Excel or CSV format.

Know what to expect

A graph that illustrates claim dynamics can help you get an idea of your opponent’s past and present claims, predict the outcome of your case, and estimate the amount that creditors should receive.

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How litigious are your opponents — and how successful are they in court?

Check how your opponent compares to others in their industry by their success in court as well as by the number of claims filed by and against them. Assess your chances of success in your judicial dispute.

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Anticipate your clients' needs

Know what your clients need before they do. Analyze what types of cases customers are most likely to bring you. Assess which fields of law your team achieves the best results in and where you need additional expertise.

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Evaluate employee performance

See how much revenue each lawyer brings so you can more optimally allocate resources and increase employee efficiency.

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Beautiful dashboards designed to work for you

You can oversee the judicial work with the help of real-time statistics. View any metric on a clear dashboard: total claims, dispute types, number of cases by period, and many more. It’s you who decides how your dashboard will look.
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