Litigate remotely and dramatically reduce your court costs
Organizing online court hearings is as easy as arranging an ordinary videoconference. The system reduces and streamlines court caseload, saves all parties time and money, and allows participation in a hearing from anywhere. Switch to online hearings today and let justice be delivered faster and more effectively.

Review motions automatically

To arrange an online hearing, a party just needs to file a motion. The system will streamline the document review process: if the motion doesn't comply with court requirements, it will notify the judge automatically and specify the grounds for rejection. If the judge agrees, the applicant will be notified by email.

virtual hearings

Attend a court hearing from anywhere

Lawyers no longer have to travel long distances to attend a hearing or carry heavy briefcases filled with case materials — all relevant information is stored in the case cards available to all parties from anywhere. Online hearings reduce court caseloads and lawyer fees, making justice more affordable for each party.

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For planning judges' and lawyers' work in advance
Data protection
Ensures confidentiality
Personalized accounts
For every party to the case
hearing history

All hearing information available in one case card

The judge can see all past and upcoming hearings from the case card — along with all information and updates on the case. Our platform integrates with court case databases and judicial calendar, so as soon as a hearing starts or finishes, relevant case cards will be automatically updated.

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