Deliver justice faster with Robotic Process Automation
Let judges and lawyers focus on making decisions and preparing for hearings. Assign routine and boring standard tasks to our AI bot and dramatically reduce the time you spend filing statements of claim and handling procedural measures.

Create scripts without programmers

Our intuitive drag and drop interface and designer’s toolkit make it easy to automate any workflow, set the conditions for its launch, and program the desired results of the operation. Our tools do all of the legwork, and you’ll only need a developer if you’re configuring complex sections within scripts.


Render judgments 2x faster

Our robots can automate the workflow of case distribution, time frame management, and document analysis at every stage of the legal process.

Stay on top of important deadlines

It’s important for judges to meet the deadlines for case material review. Our system will notify the judge of upcoming deadlines. If there is no reaction from the judge, the system will send increasingly frequent notifications.

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Make sure your case assignments make sense

The system automatically distributes new cases between judges depending on the dispute category, the caseload of the bench, and the particular judge.

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Easily prepare a summary proceeding

Is it possible to resolve a dispute with a summary proceeding? The system will analyze the application and prepare relevant court rulings and documents. However, it’s the judge who has the final say.

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Implement complex scripts with JavaScript

Unique business reasoning

Automate workflows with complex reasoning — such as calculating registration fees according to the claim amount, a bank or an insurance score, or automatic currency conversion — using your own JS code.

External integration

Exchange data with any external resources that have an API. Set up integration with the Postal Service and track the status of shipments using a tracking number. You can also set up the exchange of information between case cards and court case databases.

Ready-to-use code at your fingertips

Develop your own custom JS code or use the ready-made scripts from our team to start making your workplace more efficient  — and your life a little easier.
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